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    About Vyome Biosciences

    Vyome Biosciences is an innovation driven company, with a vision to develop novel drugs for antibiotics-resistant acne and other opportunist pathogens through a unique pipeline of antibiotics that retard resistance development.

    Vyome Biosciences’ management team members are the leaders in the field, with deep expertise, demonstrated capability and a proven track record of successfully launching over 50 products in dermatology & other life sciences areas, and building visionary companies.

    Vyome’s development platform is completely risk mitigated. Vyome has a deep pipeline of IP based products targeting multiple indications. The lead molecule (VB 1953), which targets the huge unmet need in the drug resistant Acne prescription market, recently completed enrollment for Proof of Concept Clinical Study. Earlier in Feb 2017, Vyome announced Phase 1 Clinical Trial Results after USFDA accepted Vyome's Investigational New Drug Application

    Vyome has state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to carry out all its research and lab development work, with full-fledged formulation, analytical, chemistry, biology & molecular biology, clinical and the regulatory divisions. The infrastructure and the team enables Vyome to conceive ideas, develop them and commercialize them at a rapid pace.

    Our Values

    Vyome will achieve its vision by living by its core values of:

    Uncompromising Integrity
    Uncompromising Integrity entails upholding the highest standards of professional commitment, business ethics and corporate governance.

    Business Innovation
    Business Innovation involves looking at novel product development and commercialization strategies, and being open to new ways of collaborating.

    Scientific Excellence
    Scientific Excellence entails championing creative thinking in science that can lead to development of novel platforms at a significantly lowered cost.

    Seamlessness means breaking down physical and mental silos to generate higher value through effective ideation and speedier execution.

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